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With our fully equipped NAFDAC accredited flour processing plant located in Ilorin Kwara State, capable of processing 12 Metric tonnes per day, and our team of highly skilled professionals, we work with high efficiency to produce premium quality processed foods.


We sell wholesale quantity to different suppliers and our various distributors Nationwide 

Our happy customers can buy directly from us via our online store


Experience the true versatility of Queens Beans Flour with our various free easy to follow recipes  

Latest News and Recipes

Beans Pancake

Ingredients  2 cups Queens bean flour 2 Eggs 1 cup Water A pinch of salt Pepper flake as desired (optional) Preparation  Combine Queens bean flour, eggs, water and salt together [...]

The Perfect Moi-Moi (video)

Ingredients 500g of Queens Bean Flour 4 medium size onions, Pepper -12pcs of shombo (cayenne pepper) and 3pcs of atarodo (habanero pepper) adjust to taste Seasonings (5 large stock cubes [...]

Delicious Akara (video)

Ingredients 500g of Queens Bean Flour 2 medium sized onions 3 pcs of atarodo (habanero pepper) adjust to taste Salt to taste Seasoning (optional) 62.5cl of water (that is equivalent [...]

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